Thursday, January 21, 2010

Double Ultra Weekend

Its been some time since I've done two ultras in the same weekend (2003 did Chicago Lakefront 50k & Buffalo 6 hour) and in 3 weeks I'll do it again! Kind of extreme weather opposites with this one planned however. First one will be the Pemberton Trail 50k in Fountain Hills, Arizona followed by the Frozen Ass 50k in Calgary, Alberta.

While Arizona can see cold snaps in February likely temps should be around 60-70F. I did the Frozen Ass last year and literally needed three days to get feeling back in my crotch. The starting temperature was a balmy -10F. It did warm up to about 5F by the end of the run. Calgary can have chinooks to make it more tolerable so hopefully that'll happen.

If the weather is clear would love to cap the trip with a midnight summit of Prairie Mountain (7245') out in Kananaskis Country before the 7am flight back to Vancouver!

Figure this ought to be a good kick in the pants to get in shape for the spring! Not to mention help pad those miles for the goal of hitting 5000 this year!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5000 miles in 2010?

I have long been a mileage junkie. My idea of cross training is running in rain or snow. Rather than stretching I would rather run a few more miles and skip that evil. I am strangely proud that my flexibility basically allows me to bend over and touch my knees (on good days).

So I set out to track and run 5000 miles in 2010. I don't see it as a major challenge as I get about 50 miles a week running home as my form of commuting from work.

Its easy to run and keep running on the North Shore and the Pacific Northwest as the choices for trails are endless! So far above seasonal temperatures have made a normally lower mileage January turn out pretty decent. As of the end of 19 days in I'm sitting at 256 miles (on pace for 4918). Got a 40 miler planned for Sunday so that should help pad the stats.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog world here I come...

I have been reading a bunch of other blogs for some time now and have always thought, "hey those look neat" but have just been to dang lazy to actually make one of my own. Not to mention I am the least tech savvy person on the planet so combining those two make for all the more reason to not have a blog.

Then Ellie Greenwood started a blog a week or so ago and I figured if that's what the young kids are doing these days I better keep up. And I hired a tech team to take care of all the logistics for me that don't mind being paid in fake Canadian Tire money. So here I am!

I doubt any serious thoughts will come out of me here but if your keen on following look for stories about ultras, trails and adventures past, present and future. Maybe some polls, maybe some jokes that only make sense to me, I really don't know!

That's all for now. Gotta go catch this episode of Gossip Girl about to come on the TV.